Mumbai Customs Half Marathon

Mumbai Customs invites you to celebrate a unique partnership of economic stability, growth and security.

Mumbai Customs Half Marathon

Mumbai Customs is the team of over 5,000 men & women responsible for keeping our economy in shape.

Responsible for collection of over Rs 72000 cr of revenue annually, Mumbai Customs pumps precious funds for our national development.

Apart from Revenue collection, we act as soldiers of our economic frontiers by facilitating fair trade & enabling Make in India while apprehending prohibited & illegitimate goods.

In the process, we protect our environment from Ozone depleting substances, protect our biodiversity by preventing smuggling of species, prevent terrorism by thwarting their supply chain, keep our nation healthy by intercepting counterfeit & expired foods, cosmetics & accessories.

In partnership with our citizens, Mumbai Customs keeps our economy fit & propels our nation towards a stronger, stable & prosperous economy.

To celebrate this unique partnership, we invite you to Customs Half Marathon 2017, the first ever half marathon through the heritage area of South Mumbai on 29th October, 530am at New Customs House, Ballard Estate, Mumbai

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Race Categories

Aqua Run - 21 Kms Timed Run (Rupees 600)

Terra Run - 10 Kms Timed Run (Rupees 500)

Aero Run - 05 Kms (Rupees 400)



"Participants who register before October 20, 2017 will get a BIB with their name printed on it. Participants registering post October 20, 2017 will receive a BIB without their name printed on the BIB."

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