Why This Event ?

One may be inclined to think that Mumbai Customs is just a revenue collection organization which pours Rs 69,000 crores annually in government coffers for national development. However, we have myriad other significant responsibilities such as guarding our economic frontiers and protecting our community from smuggled and counterfeit goods. We also protect our biodiversity by enforcing CITES Agreement in trade of plant species & wildlife. We make various efforts in preserving the environment from Ozone depleting substances. We also play a key role in keeping our nation healthy by enforcing Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.

Mumbai Customs, with its 5000 strong team of officers, strives hard to protect the vigour of our youth by intercepting drugs & other harmful chemicals. We enable Make in India by promoting and facilitating fair trade while intercepting & discouraging unfair trade practices. We enable the seamless movement of people and goods across land, sea and air.

In doing justice to our multifaceted roles and responsibilities, we consistently engage and depend on our citizenry. As responsible taxpayers, importers/exporters, industry chambers, partner allied agencies, all of you help us in fulfilling our responsibilities for a stronger, safer and more prosperous India..