RASE (Results Authentication Services)

Mumbai Customs Half Marathon believes in clean participation in the sport of running. To this extent, it is using the Results Authentication Services (RASE ) of YouTooCanRun to detect instances inviting disqualification from future events such as

  • ●   Impersonalisation, running with bibs under which they are not registered
  • ●   Proxy running i.e. running with more than one bib ( bib mules )
  • ●   False entries, submitting wrong data especially with respect to date of birth
  • ●   Initiating a chargeback on the card after having successfully participated in the event
  • ●   Deviating from the course
  • ●   Cutting the course
  • ●   Taking unfair assistance especially for podium finishers, such as personal pacers, individual lead bikes etc.
  • ●    Has been disqualified by other event organizers in India or national and international bodies

Registrants found violating any of the above will be barred from participating in any future events on the YouTooCanRun registration platform.

Cheating offends against the ideals of sport and failing to act against it will bring running into disrepute